Welcome to the Legal Department!

The Division of Law provides legal advice to the Superintendent of Schools, Central Office, School-Based Administrators, employees, and parents on a variety of legal issues including labor relations, negotiations, special education, student discipline, DYFUS, subpoenas, tort notices, and other school law issues. The Division of Law provided legal interpretation of NJSA 18A and NJAC 6 and 6A which govern the operations of local education authorities (LEAs) in New Jersey. The Division of Law provides advice and counsel on Board policies and procedures. The Division of Law conducts employee grievance and student legal hearings. The Division of Law consists of the legal counsel and confidential secretary.

Legal Department


James Rolle Jr., Esq.
General Counsel
609-656-4900; 5616

Elesia L. James, Esq.
Assistant General Counsel
609-656-4900; 5616

Denyce Carroll
Confidential Legal Secretary
609-656-4900; 5616