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The Transportation Department is responsible for all student transportation requirements in support of the school district. The department is uncompromising in its mission to safely transport students whenever they are moved from location to location for educational purposes, to and from class trips, interscholastic events, athletic events, and extracurricular activities.

Students are expected to report to their assigned bus stop at least 15 minutes before the time specified on the "bus pass." Students changing bus stops or reporting to a stop other than the one assigned is not permissible. Students should obey all safety and traffic laws while en route to and from the bus stop and are asked to be respectful of their neighbors while waiting for or departing from the bus.

On their return home, students will not be allowed to disembark from the bus without a parent/guardian or authorized individual there to meet them. Students who are not met will be returned to their home school. In cases where students are returned to school, the Transportation Department will not transport students home and parents will have to make their own arrangements to pick up their child.

Students are expected to behave appropriately at all times. It is especially important that students observe safety rules when riding the school bus. Bus drivers are responsible for supervising the behavior on the bus. If a child's behavior is distracting to the bus driver or is potentially harmful to another child, verbal warnings followed by written bus conduct reports will be issued. Please remember that riding the bus is a privilege that may be denied if the behavior is inappropriate. All school buses are equipped with seatbelts, which must be worn by all students. Students should be advised of the following safety rules: 

  • Be at the designated bus stop fifteen minutes prior to bus arrival.
  • Never stand in the roadway while waiting for the bus.
  • Behave in a safe and courteous manner while waiting.
  • Do not move toward the bus until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Be considerate of surrounding property while waiting for the bus.
  • Go to the assigned seat and remain there until the bus reaches the stop.
  • Keep arms and other parts of the body inside the bus at all times.
  • In an emergency, remain seated until instructions are given by your driver.
  • When crossing a roadway at the discharge point, go to a point at least ten feet in front of the bus and wait for a signal from the bus driver.
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  • The use of a seatbelt is mandatory.

If your child has been assigned to a bus, you will receive a bus pass before the start of school notifying you as to when and where your child will be picked up. Students are not permitted to ride on any bus other than the one to which they have been assigned.


609-656-4900; 4874

Ed Treadaway, Transportation Manager

Jessica Muentener,
Assistant Transportation Manager

Madeline Santiago, Transportation Assistant

Norma Torres, Transportation Assistant

Catrina Bennett, Dispatcher