Student Services

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Creating Student, Parent, and Community Engagement Pathways that honor the dynamic, multiple, and complicated ways that children learn from the CRADLE TO CAREER.

Managing student discipline and attendance is a function of the Office of School Support. The office is responsible for the administration, oversight, implementation, and data collection of the following school support services:

Attendance Matters!
Student Attendance
  • Absences & Excuses (School Board Policy)
  • Tardiness (School Board Policy)
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • List of Schools
Student Behavior
  • Conduct & Discipline (School Board Policy)
  • Elementary School Discipline Code
  • Secondary School Discipline Code
  • Discipline Code Glossary of Terms
  • Suspension & Expulsion (School Board Policy)
  • In-School Suspension (School Board Policy)
Truancy Prevention & Reduction Program
Violence, Vandalism, and Substance Abuse Reporting (Public Access to Reports)
  • Vandalism/Violence (School Board Policy)
  • Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying (School Board Policy)
  • School Violence Guidelines (NJDOE)
Student Legal Hearings


Dr. Channing Conway
Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools
609-656-4900; 5410

Dr. Jose M. Rodriguez
Assistant Superintendent of School Supports and Intermediate Schools
609-656-4900; 5794

Hope Grant
Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools
609-656-4900; 5786

Candace F. Mathis,
Administrative Assistant to School Supports and Intermediate Schools
609-656-4900; 5794

Terrance Stokes, 
Manager of School Support (Districtwide Anti-Bullying Coordinator, ABC)
609-656-4900; 5459

Iselda Neptune
Manager of School Support (Elementary)
609-656-4900; 5474

Dean McCleese
Manager of School Support (Secondary)
609-656-4900; 5474 

Attendance Officers

Ruthdali Melendez,
609-656-4900; 5125

Keneshia Funchess,
609-656-4900; 5718 

Rasaan Parker,
609-656-4900; 5520

Deana Nollie,
609-656-4900; 5720

Kyle J. Smith,
609-656-4900; 5511

Christopher L. Stokes,
609-656-4900; 571

Victoria R. Rodriguez,
609-656-4900; 5717

Joseph Wardy,
609-656-4900; 5719