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Welcome to the Teaching & Learning website for the Trenton Public School District. Please click on the links on the left to navigate to pages with specific information relating to curriculum and content area sites.

If you have any questions regarding the documents on this website, please reach out to the teaching and learning office or the content area supervisor. 


Contact Us

Joanne Sung
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning 
609-656-4900; 5443

Bandana Singh
609-656-4900; 5443

Lisette Coons
Supervisor of ELA/World Language (K-6)
609-656-4900; 5771

Robert McGuckin
Supervisor of ELA/World Language (7-12)
609-656-4900; 5773

David Phillips
Supervisor of Mathematics (K-6)
609-656-4900; 5772

John Dunston
Supervisor of Mathematics (7-12)
609-656-4900; 5447

Alex Lauri
Supervisor of Science (K-6)
609-656-4900; 5775

Michael Tofte
Supervisor of Science (7-12)
609-656-4900; 5795

Dr. Charisse Smith
Supervisor of Social Studies (K-6)
609-656-4900; 5774

Fateema Nelson
Supervisor of Social Studies (7-12)
609-656-4900; 5776

Norberto Diaz
Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts
609-656-4900; 5799

Yamiee Herrera
Supervisor of Bilingual & ESL Elementary 

609-656-4900; 5110

Sandra Iturbides
Supervisor of Bilingual & ESL Secondary 

609-656-4900; 5473