Parent Support Sessions

Parenting Sessions
Posted on 01/30/2024

TPS and Parents Inc. invite you to join them for a session on how to support each other from 1-2 p.m. at Trenton Central High School (400 Chambers Street). 

  • Feb. 6
  • Feb. 20


Ms. Erykah Jones, a parent leader, will facilitate these sessions. Parents Inc. is dedicated to protecting children by strengthening families through mutual support, leadership, and advocacy. The organization believes that seeking help is a sign of strength and offers confidential assistance to parents and caregivers.

 Key features of these parent support groups

  • Shared Experiences: Parents share their personal stories, challenges, successes, fostering understanding and reducing feelings of isolation.
  • Information and Resources: The groups offer valuable information on parenting, child development, family well-being, and community resources.
  • Emotional Support: A safe space for parents to express their feelings, and receive empathy, and encouragement from others going through similar situations.