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How High in Elevation Do You Climb Every Year at Mott?

Well, you climb about 10,800 feet (ft.) a school year if you go to the third floor. That's the height of an unnamed moutain.
Written by: Atiya S. & Valerie H.

Did you know that if you climb to the third floor every day at Mott, you climb the height of a 10,800 ft. mountain?  Well, when you climb the stairs and it tires you, think positive.  You are getting a whole lot of exercise.   There are 48 steps to reach the third floor. This makes 30 feet per day.  And so if you climb the stairs twice daily, that makes 60 feet a day.  If you mulitply this by 180 school days, that will get you 10,800 feet in a year. There is a tall unnamed mountain in California that is 10,800 ft. That is about ten times taller than High Point, the highest elevation in New Jersey. If you climb the stairs at Mott each year, you would climb the to the summit of this tall California mountain.

Posted Wednesday, December 20, 2017