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Service Dogs Visit Mott

 Dogs were been domesticated (Learning to live with humans) about 10,000 years ago. They do many things to help people. A service dog visited Mott recently.

      Mott Students from the third grade were recently visited by a service dog. This went along with a story about service dogs that the students read in class. Dogs have helped people for many years. They are companions, guide the blind, hunt for food, serve as protection, sniff out missing people and help people heal. The dog  that came to Mott was a type of Spaniel. He was trained to help people feel better who are sick or lonely. His handler explained that the dog was chosen because of his kind dimeanor (or personality). He also has been trained to ignore distractions such as other dogs barking.
      Mott students enjoyed cuddling up with the dog and petting him. They learned about the dog's personal story from his handler.  He performed several tricks for the students. They found this to be a wonderful experience and a chance to connect with animals that they read about in literature. 

Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2018