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Building Bridges as a STEM Project

The third grade students in Mrs. Franko's class completed a STEM project that correlated with the story they read, "Pop's Bridge".

The students looked at many types of bridges and discussed their similarities and differences. They then were given a challenge, can you build a bridge, using straws, toothpicks, and marshmallows that can stand by itself and hold a toy car? They were introduced to structual engineering as they attempted to create a bridge that would withstand the force of gravity. Did you know that Trenton has an extensive history when it comes to bridge building. The Roebling mills provided the cables for both the Brooklyn and Golden gate bridges. John Roebling, the company's founder designed and supervised the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, the first major suspension bridge. The Roebling Mills was the factory that started the industrial revolution in Trenton, and led to the slogan, Trenton Makes, the World Takes. Our students got a taste of what it takes to build a bridge that required a design that would be both symetrical and have structural integrity. 

Posted Wednesday, October 17, 2018