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What happens Before You Arrive

Written by: Joel Rentas  5th Grade
There are many things that occur to get the building ready for the day.
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Do you ever wonder how the custodians prepare the school for the coming day?  Well today I will tell you.  I surveyed the custodian, Mr. Guevara, and this is what he told me.  
   First, the school opens at 6:00 am.  Before he can do anything, he has to turn off the alarm.  Without the alarm off, it will ring and call the police.  
   Next he opens the gates so all the kids can get through.  Later he puts up the flag and while outside, he cleans up in front, the sides, and the back of the school.
   Then he goes inside and checks the thermostat.  If it is too hot or cold, he makes adjustments to the temperature.  Lastly, he gets ready for breakfast by mopping the floor and putting new trash bags in.  This all happens before the students enter the building.

Posted Monday, March 14, 2016