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   Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun (Now that Pluto is no longer considered a planet).  It was named after the Roman God of the sea.   Due to its distance from the sun, it takes Neptune about 165 Earth years to complete an orbit of the sun.  Since we measure years by orbits, you would die before being 1 years old on Neptune (You'd still live the same amount, but we'd calculate the years differently).   Temperatures can reach a chilling minus 353 degrees below zero Fahrenheit on Neptune.  Almost everything on Earth would freeze instantly.  However, there is liquid water (Which freezes at 32 degrees F) deep inside of Neptune where core temperatures are much warmer.  

    Neptune is not visible from Earth without a telescope.  Like the other gas giants, Neptune has a ring and moons (14).   The Voyager 2 spaceship made a flyby in 1989 and sent back pictures to Earth.  Like the sun, Neptune's atmosphere is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium.  Neptune gets its blue color from traces of methane gas in its thick atmosphere.  Neptune's largest moon, Titan, is the only moon in our solar system that spins opposite the rotation of its planet.  

Source: http://theplanets.org/neptune/
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