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   Earth is just the right distance from the sun where water can exist in a liquid state.  This has allowed life to flourish.  Most scientist feel that there is life elsewhere in the universe due to the staggering amount of stars, but as for now, Earth is the only place known to support life.  We are a rocky planet about 93 million miles from the sun.  The sun provides energy to support life.  We have an atmosphere that is composed mostly of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.  People need oxygen to change food to energy.  Plants need carbon dioxide to convert sunlight into sugars. 

   About two-thirds of Earth's surface is water.  Earth's surface is broken into large pieces we call tectonic plates.  These plates are always in motion.  Most earthquakes and volcanic activity is caused by these plates interacting with each other.  Earth has one moon, about 250,000 miles away, that orbits around it.  This creates a pull on our oceans that we call tides. The center of the Earth is a spinning molten (melted) iron ball which creates a magnetic field that surrounds our planet.  This helps break up the sun's radiation (energy) which could hurt people.

Photo source:  www.celestialmotherlode.net  

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