Election Day Information

Election Day Information
Posted on 01/12/2023

The Mercer County Board of Elections recently notified the Trenton Public School District that Trenton’s At-Large Run-Off Election will be held in the city on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023. Schools that have been selected as polling locations are encouraged by the New Jersey Department of Education to pivot to virtual and/or remote instruction (within the parameters of N.J.S.A. 18A:7f-9) due to the number of individuals entering our facilities.

The district has received approval to pivot to virtual and/or remote instruction for the 15 schools that are polling locations.

The schools listed below will be virtual/remote on Jan. 24. If your school is not listed, you will have in-person instruction.

  • Darlene C. McKnight Elementary School
  • Dr. Crosby Copeland Jr. Elementary School
  • Gershom Mott Elementary School
  • George Washington Elementary School
  • Joseph Stokes Elementary School
  • B.C. Gregory Elementary School
  • Paul Robeson Elementary School
  • P.J. Hill Elementary School
  • Joyce Kilmer Intermediate School
  • Battle Monument Intermediate School
  • Hedgepeth-Williams Intermediate School
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
  • Arthur J. Holland Middle School
  • Grace A. Dunn Middle School
  • Trenton Central High School

Virtual or remote instruction will be guided by our Virtual or Remote Instruction Plan approved by the NJDOE.

On Monday, Jan. 23, students who will be virtual on Tuesday, will receive a grab-and-go meal kit (including breakfast, lunch, and a snack) upon dismissal. 

If your student does not have a TPS-issued device, please reach out to their homeroom teacher.

The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Thank you for your understanding.