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Mr. Gedeon, Mott School Principal

Mott School would like to welcome our new principal, Mr. Gedeon.

First Day of School 2021-2022

Daily Health Survey

Letter to Parents Addressing COVID-19 Infection at Mott

Welcome Back Letter

Welcome Back Letter

Carta de reapertura a las padres en español

NJ Dept. of Education Grants Testing Waiver to Trenton

The NJ Dept. of Education granted the Trenton School District a waiver from state mandated testing. The district applied for a waiver in response to the disruptions caused by COVID-19 protocol.  

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Free COVID-19 Test Kits

Mercer County residents are eligible for a free at home CORONA-19 test kit. 
Click the link (picture) below.

Computer Help

Computer help is available from 1:30 to 2:30 on Wednesdays at Mott School 

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Social and Emotional Links:

Mrs. Oliveto has provided links to sites that provide social and emotional support regarding the virus and home instruction.

Mott Shoe Drive

Shoe drive  Mrs. Rhett, the guidance counselor at Mott, chose a worthy cause to help our students learn about good citizenship.The character education trait for the month of November was citizenship. Our students learned that citizenship is not limited to doing good deeds for just our school, neighborhood or country. We extended our good citizenship to help those who are less fortunate than us in other countries/regions such as the Caribbean, Cental America, Haiti, South America, West Africa and Europe. Our school hosted a shoe/sneaker drive. We collected and shipped a total of 465 shoes & sneakers to these countries/regions.  The students learned that giving to those who need assistance is an important charactor trait that makes the world a better place. 

Recent News

Klezmer duo

Mott Students Exposed to Klezmer Music

KLezmer is a music style native to pre World War 2 Eastern European Jewish communities. It was primarily played at joyous clebrations such as weddings, holidays and Bar Mitzvahs. More +
Mott students participate in humanities fair.

Mott Participates in Humanities Fair

Students at Mott participate in district wide humanities fair. More +
Lawrenceville Students do math activities with us.

MLK Volunteers at Mott

Lawrenceville students volunteered their time to work with Mott students to comemorate Martin L. King. More +
Reading room celebration

Mott Gets New and Vibrant Reading Area

 A fantastic day of celebation welcomes our new reading area. Click prompt to read article. More +
Hurricane houses

Hurricane Proof Houses

Mott third grade students were given an assignment to design and build a house that could withstand hurricane forces. This STEM project fits in with their reading and science units. More +
Building a bridge

Building Bridges as a STEM Project

The third grade students in Mrs. Franko's class completed a STEM project that correlated with the story they read, "Pop's Bridge". More +

Humanities Projects at Mott

 Students at Mott partiicpated in a district contest involving the humanities.
By Chloe and Nury
4th Graders 
Please click "Read More" to find out more. 
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Service dog at Mott

Service Dogs Visit Mott

 Dogs were been domesticated (Learning to live with humans) about 10,000 years ago. They do many things to help people. A service dog visited Mott recently. More +
How High in Elevation Do You Climb Every Year at Mott?

How High in Elevation Do You Climb Every Year at Mott?

Well, you climb about 10,800 feet (ft.) a school year if you go to the third floor. That's the height of an unnamed moutain.
Written by: Atiya S. & Valerie H.
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Haunted Halls at Mott

Haunted Halls at Mott

 It's that time of year again.  Time for spooks, witches, and monsters to haunt the hallways of Mott. More +
Mrs. Tammy  Murphy Visits Mott

Mrs. Tammy Murphy Visits Mott

Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy's wife takes a tour of Mott School. More +
Mott School Shows Strong Improvement on PARCC Scores

Mott School Shows Strong Improvement on PARCC Scores

Mott students are rapidly bringing up their test scores each year since the PARCC began.  More +

District-wide Anti-Bullying Coordinator (ABC)

District Anti-Bullying Specialist (ABS)
Terrance Stokes, Manager of School Support / ABC
[email protected]  Phone: (609) 656-4900 x 5459

NJ State Museum Visits Mott

NJ State Museum Visits Mott

Mott students were visited by members of the archaeology department from the NJ State Museum. More +


Lexiacore5 is a computer based program that allows students to improve their literacy skills. More +
Old Roller Rink to become part of the Car Wash

Old Roller Rink to become part of the Car Wash

Have you noticed work being done on the large building next to the car wash?  Rennovations are in progress to convert the former roller rink into a place to get your (Parents') car cleaned. More +
What happens Before You Arrive

What happens Before You Arrive

Written by: Joel Rentas  5th Grade
There are many things that occur to get the building ready for the day.
Click the "Read more" button to find out what happens each day before students arrive.
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School's Anti-Bullying Specialist (ABS)
Cara Oliveto [email protected]


Board of Education Meeting

Mon Aug 22 2022

Back to School Extravaganza

Fri Aug 26 2022

Staff In-Service

Thu Sep 1 2022

Staff In-Service

Fri Sep 2 2022

Robocall for pick up and drop off procedures

Robocall for pick up and drop off procedures

Hello Mott School Family

In order to make drop off and pick up run smoothly, please note the following information.

Kindergarten will enter through the cafeteria doors.  Kindergarten will be dismissed by their classroom doors.

1st Grade will enter through the cafeteria doors.  1st grade will be dismissed by the blue and red playground.

2nd Grade to be dropped off and picked up near the cafeteria doors.

3rd and 4th Grade will enter through the main doors.  They will be dismissed near the basketball courts.

5th grade will enter through the main doors.  They will be dismissed through the main doors.

Students may begin arriving no earlier than 8:15.

Pick up time is 3:15.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a safe and orderly drop off and dismissal.

Please contact the office with any questions.

Hola familia de la escuela Mott

Para que la entrega y la recogida se realicen sin problemas, tenga en cuenta la siguiente información.

El jardín de infantes entrará por las puertas de la cafetería. El jardín de infantes será despedido por las puertas de sus aulas.

El primer grado entrará por las puertas de la cafetería. serán despedidos por el patio de recreo azul y rojo.

Se debe dejar y recoger al 2º grado cerca de las puertas de la cafetería.

3º y 4º grado entrarán por las puertas principales. Serán despedidos cerca de las canchas de baloncesto.

El quinto grado entrará por las puertas principales. Serán despedidos por las puertas principales.

Los estudiantes pueden comenzar a llegar no antes de las 8:15.

La hora de recogida es a las 3:15.

Gracias por su cooperación para garantizar una entrega y salida seguras y ordenadas.

Comuníquese con la oficina si tiene alguna pregunta.
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