Photography/ Videography Request Form

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Photography/ Videography Request Form

Photography/Videography Request Form

This form is required to request ANY picture taking or video taping and must be approved by your Department Director or School Principal. Please allow three to five (3-5) business days to obtain the  final approval and reply to your request.

This is a request for a

First and Last Name:
Phone and Ext. #:
Email Address:
This request is approved by (your Director/Principal's Name):
Event Title (that you like to see on the website/channel):
Event Exact Address
Event Location:

Room Number/ Space Name:
Event Date (MM/DD/YY):
Timeframe, from... to.... .
Video Credits (full name and title for each individual) or suggested photo caption (Optional).
Upload your background music files or pictures (Optional. Please be aware we cannot use copyrighted media):
Do you like to post the video on the District Youtube Channel?
As an applicant, I am responsible for verifying that each student on the picture/video/event has a photo and video consent from their parents and hence they approve posting the pictures or videos of their children on the District websites and the world wide web.

To validate your submission, please answer the following math problem:

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