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School Services

School Services


School Services




The Bilingual/English as a Second Language programs provide language assessment and instructional services to students identified as having a primary or home language other than English.


Food Services

Ø Aramark is our Board approved food service provider.

Ø Free Breakfast and Lunch Program is available to all students for the 2019-2020 school year


Student and Family Services are handled through the Guidance Office. When a student is experiencing challenges; a teacher, parent or any concerned party can contact the school counselor. Student problems addressed can be academic or emotional in nature. Services include:

Ø Individual Counseling

Ø Group Counseling

Ø Peer Mediation

Ø Academic Assessments

Ø Child Study Referrals

Ø Social Worker for family support

Ø Any other service that impacts school performance and emotional health of all students.

Health Services

Mott has a full time nurse. Hearing, vision and scoliosis screenings are performed on students annually and when necessary. Referrals are made to parents when further medical attention is required. Immunizations, as required by New Jersey State law, are monitored annually.

Medications are administered by the school nurse when physicians find it necessary for a child to have medicine during the day. Permission must be granted by the parent, specific instructions must be obtained from the physician, and approval must be given by the Chief Medical Inspector.

When accidents occur in school, first aid is given to the student. Parents or guardians will be contacted. It is essential that the school has emergency phone numbers as hospitals will not care for children unless a parent or guardian is present.

In all cases of pupil illness or injury, the school nurse is notified immediately. When possible, the pupil is escorted to the nurse’s office. When it is not advisable for the pupil to be moved, the nurse will go to the pupil. If necessary, the parent will be called to pick up the child.

If a child becomes ill during the school day, the nurse will use his/her professional skill to determine if the pupil should remain in school or sent home. It is essential for the nurse to have the current working telephone number of each parent or guardian.


I & RS

This committee supports the following beliefs:

=         That each individual student’s unique and inherent worth compels us to treat each person in ways that show value and respect.

=         That when a student is having difficulty learning, the first line of investigation should be the match between that student’s optimum learning style and the teaching style, rather than making the assumption that the learner may have impairment.

=         That early intervention provides individual learners the most opportunity to develop their maximum potential.

=         That early intervention provides individuals the most opportunity to develop their maximum potential.

=         That when providing normal behavioral and learning models for students, the protocol is to place them in the least-restrictive environment by developing intervention strategies to meet individual needs.


Mott is currently assigned three (3) security officers daily. These security officers are in place to assist the staff, students, parents, and members of the community to keep Mott School a safe place for learning.

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