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Performance and Accountability

Performance & Accountability Department

Welcome to the Performance and Accountability Department's website. 

Enrollment, Reporting and Scheduling

See videos below explaining new features and benefits. 


Instructions for Test Database

If you'd like to test PowerTeacher Pro functionality, we have the following Test Database available:
  1. Log in to PowerSource.
  2. Click the Labs tab.
  3. Click "PowerSchool 10 and PowerTeacher Pro".
  4. Review the information on this page.
  5. Scroll to the bottom, where you can "Get a username/password".
=> Links are provided for both the Admin Portal and Teacher Portal.

PowerTeacher Pro Training Videos

Grading Policy

Contact Us

Creque, Kelly
Special Assistant for Performance & Accountability
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5637
Morgan, Dennis
Coordinator Network Administrator
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5674
Barchie-McIntyre, Janet
Database Analyst
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5688
Briggs, Keith
Database Analyst
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5445
Smith, Tanisha
Database Analyst
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5647
Stratton, Jill
Senior Information System Specialist
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5698
Ahmed, Mohamed
Senior Information Control Specialist
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