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Nurse's Corner

Nurse Robbin Demuth

Welcome Back Kilmer!!

I know this is not like all the other school years we've started together, but I just wanted to wish you a very happy & successful school year! 

Please remember to always be safe! 

  • Wash your hands frequently! 

  • Wear a face mask whenever you go out

  • Always maintain 6 feet from everyone you meet

  • While working with your new chromebooks, remember to wash your hands before touching your device.  If anyone else touches it to show you how to do something, ask them to please wash their hands before touching YOUR chromebook.  

  • If you are not feeling well, (have a cough, fever, or any other complaints, please tell your parent, or contact me!) 

The more we all practice these simple measures, the sooner we will be back in school together! 

Remember, I am here for you! 

I am working in the Kilmer School Health Office Tuesday-Thursday 7:55-2:40. I work remotely on Monday & Friday.

Please contact me whenever you need me!!! 

[email protected] 

office: 609-656-4900 x4796 

 cell: 609-379-3660

For the most update information, forms, and resources please refer to the google site:

Miss you lots!!!

Nurse Robbin

Kilmer Strong

Update on Covid in Trenton!

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