District Goals

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District Goals

                                                           TRENTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS

                                                                    2019-20 DISTRICT GOALS


1. Student Achievement and Growth

a.            By June 2020, for all 3-11 grades, the Trenton Public Schools will enhance and improve student

achievement for all students, as measured by a minimum increase of 5 percentage points, either by grade band or cohort, on the NJSLA assessments in mathematics and English Language Arts over the 2019 baseline scores.

b.            By June 2020, 80% of all K-12 students will demonstrate improved academic growth as measured by scoring at or above end of year growth?norms/expectations as measured by performance on content-related assessments in ELA and Mathematics.

c.             Develop and implement a written plan for academic and social emotional learning supports

designed to increase the numbers of 9th grade students that successfully complete and earn credit for core academic course work (English, Math, Science and or Social Studies).

d.            Research and develop programming designed to address the needs of that population of students that have been identified as gifted and talented (academically advanced) at the elementary level for 2020-2021.

e.            By May 2020, effectively address a minimum of 5 of the recommendations from the Special

Education Audit completed by the Public Consulting Group, June 2018.

f.             Evaluate instructional programs for their effectiveness toward their intended outcomes.

g.            Development of Individualized Student Academic and Growth Plans:

Every Teacher will meet with all students in grades K-8 to collaboratively assist them in developing their academic and growth goals. Teachers will meet periodically with their students to review their status toward the attainment of their goals.


1.  Review History/Talk/Consult

              2.  Test/Assessment

              3.  Analyze Data

              4.  Consult/Collaborate – Set Goal/Develop Plan

              5.  Assessment

              6.  Analyze Data

              7.  Consult/Measure/Adjust, if necessary

              8.  Praise Successes

 2. Improving School Climate

Continue Expanding Social Emotional Learning Practices for all students, as measured by the reduction of chronic absenteeism, in/out of school suspensions and HIB incidents through components that may include a focus on items as listed below:


             i.    Restorative Justice

             ii.   Alternative Programs

             iii.  Chronic Absenteeism

             iv.  HIB

             v.   Unconscious Bias

             vi.  ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) programs

3. Communication / Community Relations

We will continue to improve communication within the district to our stakeholders and seek to include them in the future planning of the district.
Strategies to include:

o   Meeting with the all stakeholders and develop a 5-Year Long Strategic Plan,

o   Publish and distribute periodic newsletters to highlight achievements at both the district and school levels.

o   Strengthen and enhance the home-school connection, including establishing PTOs, full utilization of school/district websites and PowerSchool, allowing parents to better monitor student progress, assignments, and grades.

o   Strengthen the communication between the members of the Board of Education and the Office of the Superintendent, specifically with regards to events occurring in the district.

o   Hiring interpreters and purchasing headsets to address language translation barriers at public meetings.

4. Financial Management and Facilities:

We will continue to ensure that the budget provides for the achievement of all students in the district while maintaining fiscal responsibility and that we maintain safe, healthy and clean facilities that reflect high standards for learning and foster District pride.
Strategies to include: 

o   Ensure the budget adequately supports the district’s mission, vision and goals.

o   Review monthly budget reports and make appropriate adjustments, as needed.

o   Continue to seek grants and partnerships that are aligned to improving student learning.

o   Develop and sustain a strategy to continually maintain, improve, and enhance District Facilities.

o   The school district will receive the Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting issued by the Association of School Business Officials International for the 2018-19 CAFR. Evidence of completion will include the application, award of certificate and all documentation necessary to be granted the award.

o   Seek partnerships between the City and Civic groups to establish an “Adopt a School

o   Beautification Program”.

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