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Congratulations to Board of Education President Addie Daniels-Lane on receiving her Certified Board Member certification through the NJSBA Board Member Academy. 

The Certified Board Member award recognizes professional development in areas critical to effective school board governance. President Daniels-Lane has been commended by the NJSBA for her commitment to Trenton Public Schools and for dedicating substantial time and effort to improve her skills and knowledge. 

Board Members

Addie Daniels-Lane
Daniels-Lane, Addie
Board President
Yolanda Marrero-Lopez
Marrero-Lopez, Yolanda
Board Vice President
Gene Bouie
Bouie, Gene
Board Member
Johnson, Deniece
Board Member
Taraun Tice-McKnight
Tice-McKnight, Taraun
Board Member
Gerald Truehart
Truehart, Gerald
Board Member
Jeannie Weakliem
Weakliem, Jeannie
Board Member
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