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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

 Dear Harrison Family,

As we enter June and with the 2019-2020 school year coming to a close, I’d just like to take a moment to thank our students, our parents, and our teachers and staff for doing a truly remarkable job during these very difficult times.

  • Thank you to our students for showing us just how capable, adaptive, and strong you are. You have shown us that you are able to overcome unprecedented challenges and obstacles. Prior to the start of this school year, I’m sure that you never imagined that anything like this pandemic could exist in our modernized world, and you’ve handled it phenomenally well.
  • Thank you to our parents for continuously showing us the unwavering, unconditional, and never-ending love you have for your children. You have kept our students dialed-in throughout this crisis, and you have shown our teachers, staff, and school amazing support. We are so appreciative of all that you have done for your children and for us.
  • Thank you to our teachers and staff for showing us that you have chosen the right profession! You have worked tirelessly to make sure that our students are provided with the best possible learning experiences and that they are supported during these unusual times. You have adjusted beautifully to an entirely different way of doing your jobs, and you have again shown us so very clearly how much you care about our students.

We have a special family at Harrison Elementary School. This pandemic will be over soon, and we’re looking forward to the day when we can all come back together to teach our students, prepare them for the future, and celebrate them for the amazing people they are.

Have a wonderful and safe summer.



Dr. Keshia R. Gaymon


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