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New Jersey Student Learning Assessments




Dear Parents and Guardians:

Pursuant to New Jersey code (N.J.S.A. 18A:7C-6.6) school districts are required to provide parents and guardians information on any State assessment or commercially-developed assessments that will be administered during the school year by October 1st. 

Some assessments are required by the State or Federal government, and others are administered by Trenton Public Schools for the purpose of college and career readiness or to guide teacher instruction in the classroom to meet the needs of our students. Please see the link below for the assessment information.

The New Jersey Department of Education has not released dates for the New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA) or ACCESS for ELLs as of 10/1/2020. The assessment dates are marked as TBD (To Be Determined) on the schedule.

If you have any questions about these assessments, please feel free to contact the school administration or the Trenton Public Schools District Office of Curriculum and Instruction. 

TPS Assessment Calendar 2020-21:

Posted Wednesday, September 30, 2020