FACE Committee Meeting
Starting 10/10/2019 at 5:00 PM until 6:30 PM
Event Groups:
• Trenton Public Schools - District Events
• Columbus Elementary - Columbus Elementary Events
• Franklin Elementary School - Franklin Elementary Events
• Grant Elementary - Grant Elementary Events
• Gregory Elementary - Gregory Elementary Events
• Monument Elementary - Jefferson Elementary Events
• Dr. MLK, Jr. Elementary School - King Elementary Events
• Mott Elementary - Mott Elementary Events
• Parker Elementary - Parker Elementary Events
• PJ Hill Elementary - PJ Hill Elementary Events
• Robbins Elementary - Robbins Elementary School's Events
• Harrison Elementary School - Robeson Elementary Events
• Grace A. Dunn Middle School - Dunn Middle Events
• Hedgepeth/Williams Middle School of the Arts - Hedgepeth/Williams Middle School of the Arts Events
• Kilmer Middle School - Kilmer Middle Events
• Rivera Community Middle School - Rivera Middle Events
• Early Childhood Learning Center - Stokes Early Childhood Learning Center Events
• Wilson Elementary - Wilson Elementary Events
• Wilson Elementary - Staff Events
• Grant Elementary - PTO
• Daylight Twilight Alternative High School - District Wide Activity
• Washington Elementary - Washington Elementary Events
• Daylight Twilight Alternative High School - Twilight
• Trenton Public Schools - District-wide
• TCHS Central High School - Trenton Central High School
• TCHS 9th Grade Academy - 9th Grade Acadamy
• Trenton Restorative Academy - Trenton Restorative Academy Events
 The FACE committee is led by the BOE members, Gerald Truhart and Yolanda Marreo Lopez, various district staff members, community members and parents.  Please join us to share visions and opportunities to make this district a better place for students and parents.  This group meets on a monthly basis.  
Hedgepeth Williams, 301Gladstone Avenue
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