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OneDrive, It's Coming!!

   Want to save your stuff?   In the eighties it was a cassette tape.  Those who remember how finicky those were,  were happy when floppy disks arrived.  At first they were floppy, and then hard covered.  Next came the USB drives that many people use today.  The latest means of saving your work is the Cloud (Not really referring to space but large storage computers in places like Google.)

   What's the advantage of using the Cloud?  You now have access to anything you saved when you're on any computer in the world connected to the internet.  You can't lose your work if your USB drive gets lost or breaks. Once permission is granted, your teacher will be able to access your work and edit it while at home or anywhere else. 

   Anyone can sign up for Google drive which is a free Cloud service.  Trenton uses the Microsoft version of it called One Drive.  All students from the third grade on up through- out the district will be strongly requested to get a district email address (Required to access the Cloud) and start using OneDrive to save their work. 

   There has been some hesitation from parents to allow their child to have email accounts.  My response to that would be that your child will fall behind students throughout the rest of the world if they don't use the Cloud.  That's the way of the future. If they are to enter college, business or government, they will be using it.  Many progressive school districts already have most of their students on the Cloud.  Several Trenton schools are also using the Cloud this year (Such as Grant School).  Almost all districts will be using it within the next few years. 

   There's always a slight risk when students are online, but the benefit of using the Cloud outweighs this factor.  Students are taught internet safety in the beginning of the year, and if they display prudence, this technology should not put them at any increased risk.  We will also be using email accounts to communicate with students in other parts of the world.  This is currently a New Jersey curriculum standard. 

   So if you haven't already, please be ready to sign a permission slip granting a school email account for next year.  Most students though-out the United States will be doing the same.

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