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Principal's Message

Excellence for Everyone, Every Day

      As we began the new school year, I'm very excited about this next chapter we are about to write. We will remain steadfast to the commitments we began last year as enter dual stages of refinement of existing processes and structures, as well as, implementation of new practices to enhance our culture of continuous improvements through data-driven decision-making, whole-school learning, and communities of multiple practices. 

      While we refine better ways to collaborate, make decisions, and solve problems together, we will put a strong focus on continuing to build a community with each other, our students, and their parents. We will be establishing new identities and to whole we are and what we do as we move towards a true high school model this year. I believe this will have an enormous impact or everyone – especially our students.

      There is so much to be proud of and I truly believe that our accomplishments were made based solely on the most important element:  you. We have and amazing staff and I am humbled by your commitment, courage, and care that your display in so many different ways. I am honored to work with you.

Below are our beliefs regarding teaching and learning that we developed as part of this process;

We believe that effective teacher:

  • v Create opportunities for intellectual risk- taking, collaboration, problem solving, and application of classroom learning to real life situations.
  • v Implement strategies that promote ownership of learning to students.
  • v Design instruction to integrate a variety of innovative technological tools and resources to enhance learning.
  • v Demonstrate ongoing professional growth to increase the quality of instruction.
  • v Collaborate with colleagues to share and discuss exemplary practices, interpret student performance data, and design assessments that promote twenty-first century skills.

      In conclusion, I wish you all a wonderful school year. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am honored to serve your principal.



Ronald Edwards, Principal ~ Daylight Twilight Alternative High School

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