Trenton 6-12 District-Wide Marching Band

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The district has exhausted all of the printed packets; the district is closed and our vendors have limited resources in printing out additional packets. Therefore, no additional copies are available until further notice. Electronic copies of the packets can be found "In the Headlines" link below.

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 Extended School Closure 3/22/2020

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Trenton 6-12 District-Wide Marching Band

Trenton 6-12 District-Wide Marching Band

American Graduate Day is a live national, multi-platform broadcast on public television stations around the country and streaming live on

The event was on Saturday, September 27th 11:00 am-6:00 pm (ET) in Manhattan, NY.

The program focuses on individuals and organizations working to keep students on the path to graduation.

National Television Show for The American Graduate Day 09/27/2014
The Trenton 6-12 District-Wide Marching Band’s Battle Cry is “Stay In School”

Trenton 6-12 District-Wide Marching Band Personnel:

    • Mr. Norberto Diaz, Supervisor of Fine Arts
    • Mr. Ted Plunkett, Marching Band Director
    • Mr. David Lerner, Assistant Band Director
    • Ms. Regina Brown, Color Guard/Dance Instructor
    • Mr. Nathan Cohen, Middle School Instrumental Music Teacher
    • Mr. Tim Robinson, Drum Line Instructor
    • Mr. Anthony Mingo, Assistant Dance Instructor
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