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Superintendent's Office

Superintendent's Office

Dr. Fredrick H. McDowell Jr.
Superintendent of Schools 


September 6, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome Back and Happy New Year! We hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer. The 2018-19 school year has begun and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to another exciting school year. Our motto is “Children come first, Los niños son primero.” The District’s goal is to create an academic environment where students have multiple opportunities to achieve at or above grade level, develop critical college and career readiness skills, and create a vision for their future. 

We are excited about the promise of the new school year for the City of Trenton and its ability to move forward. It is the District’s hope to work positively with all stakeholders committed to supporting students and families. As champions of public education, we value our children and seek to promote policies and practices that support the positive development of all. We celebrate the strengths, assets, and talents of our children and strive to provide high quality teaching and learning experiences. 

We value our colleagues and seek to demonstrate our commitment by encouraging, supporting, and developing people to achieve operational and service excellence. We fully acknowledge the incredible responsibility that all Trenton Public Schools staff have placed upon them; to support the needs of our students and truly put them first. We also acknowledge the tremendous sacrifice that our dedicated colleagues make every single day to ensure students are provided access and opportunity to achieve their dreams. We have high levels of confidence in the abilities of our colleagues to meet the challenges of today and acknowledge that collaboration is essential to meet the demands for tomorrow.

It is also important to note that we value our families, because they play an important role in students’ development and overall learning. We are committed to establishing strong partnerships with families and increasing family voice and visibility in the educational process. We also value our community and will create engagement opportunities to ensure community members are able to give feedback on important issues affecting schools and students. We believe that authentic, genuine engagement promotes a strong sense of belonging within our healthy, strong, and diverse community.  

Collaboration is a powerful tool that often leads to the innovations that we see taking place across classrooms throughout our District. It is important to note that collaboration requires that we work together in a positive, respectful, and productive manner even when we disagree. We are one Trenton Public Schools.

Our message is simple; “We All Own the Future”. We must work together to demonstrate the improvements that we know are possible, and prioritize teaching and learning. Our continued communication to school leaders focuses on providing increased support and resources for teachers with an emphasis on growth, development, and feedback; time and attention to promoting positive academic culture; and the effective use of data to drive school-based decisions. Our message to school leaders also includes creating caring and compassionate learning environments that demonstrate our commitment to helping students achieve their goals.  

Welcome back and we look forward to a positive and productive new school year.


Dr. Fred McDowell  
Superintendent of Schools

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