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Student Assistance Coordinator

School Assistance Coordinator

Welcome to the office of the Student Assistant Coordinator for the Trenton Public Middle Schools.

My name is Carla Thomas. I can be reached at I currently service all of the middle school students of Trenton Public Schools. If you have any questions please feel free to send an email so that I can offer assistance.

As the Student Assistant Coordinator, I know that academic success can be affected by a students mental health, and the stress they may encounter in life. My goal is to empower students, Teachers, Parents, and Administrators by forming a powerful partnership. I work on prevention, intervention, and follow-up services to help create the best possible environment for a happy healthy well-rounded student.

Some of the prevention activities teach students the dangers of drug and alcohol use and help them make smart informed decisions. Students get help with and are able to discuss feelings of depression, sadness, anger, self-harm, self-esteem, stress, and much more. Students are invited to individual counseling or a lunch bunch with the counselor.

If more intensive counseling is needed to help a student, there are plenty of community agencies that are able to help students and their families. If parents have questions about where to go for help in the community please send me an email and I will answer as quickly as possible.

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Thomas, Carla
Student Assistant Coordinator for Middle Schools
Office: 609-989-1478




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