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The district has exhausted all of the printed packets; the district is closed and our vendors have limited resources in printing out additional packets. Therefore, no additional copies are available until further notice. Electronic copies of the packets can be found "In the Headlines" link below.

 Trenton Telephone support for (Students, Staff, and Parents) 609-656-4930

 Extended School Closure 3/22/2020

Budget Presentation 3.23.2020 



ESS Substitutes

ESS Substitutes

Trenton Public Schools has contracted with ESS to manage our substitute program. ESS is responsible for the hiring, training, and placement of all substitute pre-kindergarten and kindergarten paraprofessionals and substitute secretaries. The District also contracts with them to provide special education paraprofessionals and 1:1 aides.
ESS Substitutes Enjoy:
  • Flexible Schedule
  • In-Person Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • 24/7 Online Access to Job Openings
  • Healthcare and 401k  
If you are interested in working as a substitute for our district, please visit ESS’ website to apply or call 877.983.2244 for more information.
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