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School's Credo

DTHS Credo

Daylight Twilight Alternative High School’s Credo

  •    We do whatever it takes. 
  •     We are positive and optimistic.
  •     We believe good work comes from hard work and hard work pays off.
  •     We sweat the small stuff. 
  •     We are both caring and strict. 
  •     We want to build a culture of open, honest, and productive dialogue with each other.
  •     This will not be a school where teachers close their doors and teach in isolation. 
  •      We will observe one another and have honest and constructive conversations about what we see happening in our school and classes. 
  •     We will respect all members of the staff, in both teaching and non teaching roles. 
  •     We recognize and value the contribution that each person makes in supporting our individual and collective success. 
  • A Student Teacher Relationship


    A competent educator is much more than a purveyor of subject matter. It is assumed that each teacher will display courtesy and good manners when considering pupils’ feelings. He/she should minimize negative incidents or embarrassing situations. No estimate of worth can be placed upon the willingness of a friendly and concerned teacher who gives extra time to counsel a youngster about educational and related problems.


    This is my greatest hope for DTHS,

    Mr. Ronald Edwards, Principal

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