Leadership Team

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The district has exhausted all of the printed packets; the district is closed and our vendors have limited resources in printing out additional packets. Therefore, no additional copies are available until further notice. Electronic copies of the packets can be found "In the Headlines" link below.

 Trenton Telephone support for (Students, Staff, and Parents) 609-656-4930

 Extended School Closure 3/22/2020

Budget Presentation 3.23.2020 



Leadership Team

District Leadership Team

Ronald C. Lee
Lee, Ronald C.
Interim Superintendent of Schools
Office: 609-656-5494
Kelly Creque
Creque, Kelly
Special Assistant for Performance & Accountability
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5637
Elizabeth DeJesus
DeJesus, Elizabeth
Chief Academic Officer
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5443
Jayne Howard
Howard, Jayne
School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5464
Alfonso Q. Llano
Llano, Alfonso Q.
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5747
Dr. Keith Miles , Jr.
Miles , Jr., Dr. Keith
Assistant Superintendent Elementary
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5439
Wilfredo Ortiz
Ortiz, Wilfredo
Assistant Superintendent Secondary
Office: 609-656-4900 x 4888
James Rolle , Jr., Esq.
Rolle , Jr., Esq., James
General Counsel
Office: 609-656-4900 x 5122
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