Curriculum Guides

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Curriculum Guides

Curriculum Guides

Trenton Public School District Mission Statement

"All students will graduate with a vision for their futures, motivated to learn continually and prepared to succeed in their choice of college or career."


Curriculum is a written plan that drives instruction. It delineates the skills and concepts taught and evaluated to enhance student achievement.

Trenton Public School District Curriculum Guides include:
  • alignment to New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, Common Core State Standards, Content appropriate standards, and supporting cumulative progress Indicators
  • “big ideas” that are essential, enduring, have value beyond the classroom and answer why the topic is worth studying
  • content (students will know…) and skill (students will be able to…)
  • assessment
  • teaching strategies and resources
  • cross curricular connections
  • a scope and sequence
  • a pacing guide
  • technology integration
  • modifications for special needs and english language learners
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