Board of Education

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The district has exhausted all of the printed packets; the district is closed and our vendors have limited resources in printing out additional packets. Therefore, no additional copies are available until further notice. Electronic copies of the packets can be found "In the Headlines" link below.

 Trenton Telephone support for (Students, Staff, and Parents) 609-656-4930

 Extended School Closure 3/22/2020

Budget Presentation 3.23.2020 



Board of Education

Board of Education

Board Members

Addie Daniels-Lane
Daniels-Lane, Addie
Board President
Taraun Tice-McKnight
Tice-McKnight, Taraun
Board Vice President
Gene Bouie
Bouie, Gene
Board Member
Yolanda Marrero-Lopez
Marrero-Lopez, Yolanda
Board Member
Gerald Truehart
Truehart, Gerald
Board Member
Williams, Sadé S.
Board Member
Jeannie Weakliem
Weakliem, Jeannie
Board Member
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